VPS serverpackages


4 GB Hard drive
128 MB RAM
5 GB Traffic
Phone support
RAID (mirroring)

99 DKK Per month.

Setup 99 DKK
12 months binding


15 GB Hard drive
384 MB RAM
15 GB Traffic
Phone support
RAID (mirroring)

149 DKK Per month.

Setup 149 DKK
12 months binding


35 GB Hard drive
640 MB RAM
50 GB Traffic
Phone support
RAID (mirroring)

299 DKK Per month.

Setup 199 DKK
6 months binding


50 GB Hard drive
1024 MB RAM
200 GB Traffic
Phone support
RAID (mirroring)

599 DKK Per month.

Setup 299 DKK
3 months binding


70 GB Hard drive
2048 MB RAM
300 GB Traffic
Phone support
RAID (mirroring)

999 DKK Per month.

Setup 399 DKK
3 months binding
The prices are without value-added tax.

Virtual Server hosting

Do you need more freedom than you can get at a common webhotel? Mira Internet offers Virtual Server Hosting, a service where you can do the same things as if you had your own server at our company. A Virtual Server gives you the freedom you need without having to pay money for functions you do not need. Prices are from 99 DKK per month (without value-added tax).

A virtual server hosting works as a dedicated server hosting, but the output would typically be lower, as the physical hardware is shared with other users. This has no effect on the servers content because it is placed separately.

Do you want to get help finding out which offer suits you best? You can contact os and we will guide you to the best solution. Call us at 9610 1510, or send an email to salg@mira.dk

Pros about having Virtual Server Hosting

  • Your own root-login
  • Full access to the server
  • Connection via SSH to the server
  • Have the opportunity to install your own programs
  • Have the opportunity to configure programs
  • You do not need to do a standard setup

As a standard we offer Virtual hosting with these operating systems:

  • Debian *
  • FreeBSD *
  • Fedora *
  • Ubuntu *
  • CentOS *

* Newest version

If you wish a setup that is different from the standard operating systems mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.

Optional products

  • Monitoring
  • Backup-function
  • Have the opportunity to open/close speical ports

Contact us for further information if you have other needs for your operating system.